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Selling a House


However, here at Global Properties Realty, we make it a very painless, smooth and we make sure it ends up as a good memorable experience. We work with you one on one giving you undivided attention from the day that we soldcome in for the listing appointment to the day that we close and we then stay in touch with you forever and you become a friend and or like family. We then continue to help you with any other real estate needs you may have or anything else that we can help you with to make a difference in your life. We close with a title company that is owned and operated by a well respected and reputable attorney and this is another way that we make sure that our clients are protected and should you have any legal questions beyond our expertise, you will be able to get answers promptly. 


We specialize on short sales. A short sale is when homeowners are behind in their mortgage and they can no longer afford to pay and or keep the home. It could be due to loss of a job, loss of family member, divorce, relocation or any other unforeseen and unfortunate life altering circumstances. All these reason are viewed by the homeowner’s bank as a hardship. We then work with the homeowner’s lender to present the case to the lender and we list the property for a price less than what the homeowner owes the bank. The homeowner’s bank then accepts the short sale and most of the lenders then forgive the seller for the entire difference that is not covered by the final purchase price. Most lender may give the homeowner $3,000- $75,000 relocation assistance at closing if the seller qualifies. Short sale may apply to investment/rental properties as well. So, do not panic and abandon your home and or let it go into foreclosure because we can help save your credit and help you avoid foreclosure. Call us to help you. 


We also list and sell any properties that are not short sales, foreclosures or distressed. Incase you are looking to relocate out of state and you need to sell your home, we are the right realtors to call so we can work for you and make your moving smooth and easy. Or you may be looking to downsize or upgrade and we will list your home too and sell it at the most efficient time possible.


We list and sell almost all types of real estate. So call us so we can help you sell your estate property and or that triplex, quad or however many units you may have. We are a full service firm and we have years of experience and we treat our clients with respect and dignity. 


We work with investors to sell their rental income properties and or list them for rent to secure long term tenants. We know how to transfer leases to new buyers and type up a good contract that will make sure our clients are protected on the sale of a rental property. If it’s just for a rental listing, before we put a tenant in your property, we do a full criminal, credit and eviction checks on them. We do our best to find you great tenants.

We are a company that cares!!

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